Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Walking the World

from: Graham, Tom. "Walking the World," San Francisco Chronicle, 18 December 2005.

Street walking -- called the oldest profession -- has somehow been transformed into an extreme sport. Ask Haight-Ashbury's Larry Burgheimer, who has walked every street in San Francisco. Or Jeff Ingram, whose street walk was "75 percent complete" at last check. I'm halfway there myself. And the Castro's Dinah Sanders says she's perambulated 15 percent of the city's streets.

Since starting my quest in 2002 to walk every street in San Francisco, I've heard from others who have done their hometowns, too: People around the world, from Amsterdam to New Zealand, are walking every street on the map . . .

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urban pedestrian said...

Hi - I just found your blog through a blogsearch and think it's awesome. I have a blog called Urban Pedestrian (www.urbanpedestrian.blogspot.com) where I talk about many of the same sorts of things, except I'm way up here in Canada. We need to form a pedestrian alliance or something so we can take back the land from the crazy out of control car culture.